Top 5 Alabama Colleges Tuition Comparison

There are 91 colleges and universities at Alabama State - 42 public and 49 private schools (see information about Alabama State Colleges). Among them we pick top 5 colleges from Forbes college ranking and USNews College Ranking. The top 5 list includes Birmingham Southern College, Samford University, Auburn University, The University of Alabama, and University of Alabama at Huntsville.

General Information of Top 5 Alabama Colleges 
Next Table shows general information of the Top Alabama Colleges. Follow the link on each college name to see full tuition and financial information of the school.
RankingNameType & LevelLocationHighest Degree Campus HousingPopulationCampus Setting
1Birmingham Southern College4 years, PrivateBirmingham, Alabama BachelorYes 1,594Midsize(City)
2Samford University4 years, PrivateBirmingham, Alabama DoctorateYes 5,190Large(Suburb)
3Auburn University4 years, PublicAuburn University, Alabama DoctorateYes 26,840Small(City)
4The University of Alabama4 years, PublicTuscaloosa, Alabama DoctorateYes 33,681Small(City)
5University of Alabama at Huntsville4 years, PublicHuntsville, Alabama DoctorateYes 8,976Midsize(City)

Tuition Comparison between Top 5 Alabama Colleges
Next table and chart compares tuition and living costs for top 5 colleges in Alabama State. You can see detail information including tuition, fees, living costs, and financial aids of each school as following link on each college name. And Alabama Top 5 College Tuition comparison can be found at Top College Tuition in Alabama page.
Top 5 Alabama Colleges Tuition Comparison
TuitionRequired FeesBook & SuppliesLiving CostsTuitionRequired FeesBook & SuppliesLiving Costs
Birmingham Southern College$ 28,250$ 1,040$ 1,260$ 10,720$ 28,250$ 1,040$ 1,260$ 10,720
Samford University$ 23,423$ 540$ 1,000$ 11,932$ 23,423$ 540$ 1,000$ 11,932
Auburn University$ 7,296$ 1,402$ 1,100$ 12,554$ 21,888$ 1,402$ 1,100$ 12,554
The University of Alabama$ 8,600$ 0$ 1,100$ 14,239$ 21,900$ 0$ 1,100$ 14,239
University of Alabama at Huntsville$ 8,094$ 0$ 1,567$ 12,030$ 19,424$ 0$ 1,567$ 12,030

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