46 US Colleges are Ranked in Top 100 World University Rankings 2013-2014

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2013-2014 was announced Yesterday (October 2, 2013). The ranking data is powered by Thomson Reuters.

Mostly, 46 US Colleges and Universities are included in the Top 100 World University Rankings. CalTech (California Institute of Technology)takes the first ranking with score 94.9 and Harvard University and University Oxford (UK) are tied for second with score 93.9. Stanford, MIT, Princeton, UC-Berkeley, and University of Chicago are included in the top 10.

Next Table shows 46 US Colleges included in the Top 100 World University Ranking with US College Ranking announced by US NEWS Department.
46 US Colleges in Top 100 World University Ranking
World RankingUS RankingCollege NameScore
110California Institute of Technology94.9
22Harvard University93.9
45Stanford University93.8
57Massachusetts Institute of Technology93
61Princeton University92.7
820University of California, Berkeley89.8
95University of Chicago87.8
113Yale University87.4
1223University of California, Los Angeles86.3
134Columbia University85.2
1512Johns Hopkins University83.7
167University of Pennsylvania81
177Duke University79.3
1828University of Michigan79.2
1916Cornell University79.1
2212Northwestern University77.1
2423Carnegie Mellon University76
2552University of Washington73.4
2752University of Texas at Austin72.2
2836Georgia Institute of Technology71.6
2941University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign71.4
3041University of Wisconsin-Madison71.1
3341University of California, Santa Barbara68.4
4032New York University67.4
4039University of California, San Diego67.4
4214Washington University in St Louis67.2
4669University of Minnesota64.9
4730University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill64.5
4937Pennsylvania State University64.2
5041Boston University63.5
5214Brown University63.2
5239University of California, Davis63.2
5952Ohio State University62
6268Purdue University60.7
6518Rice University59.8
7023University of Southern California59
7862University of Pittsburgh56.7
8020Emory University56.1
8028Tufts University56.1
8373Michigan State University55.9
8837Case Western Reserve University55
8817Vanderbilt University55
9018University of Notre Dame54.7
9349University of California, Irvine54.1
9532University of Rochester53.6
9786University of Colorado Boulder53.4

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