Alaska State 2013 Tuition Comparison for Certificate Program

We analyze Alaska State Tuition Costs by School Type, Level, and Degree. Each Table summarizes tuition costs and we show graphical charts for the summarizing tables. You can see a specific tuition charts and tables by using filter on top of this article.
Table. Summary of Alaska Colleges
Number of Schools
School Type
Public Schools7
Private Schools5
School Level
4 Years or More 7
2-4 Years4
Less Than 2 Years1
School Degree
Certificate Program12
In-State (undergraduate)$ 6,678
Out-Of-State (undergraduate)$ 9,644
In-State (graduate)$ 4,837
Out-Of-State (graduate)$ 8,437
Student population59,899

Here, we analyze and compare the tuition and other costs for 1-2 Years schools in Alaska state. Next table and chart show the average tuition costs for the schools.

1-2 Year School Tuition and Expenses of Alaska State is not available due to lack of data or inaccurate information.

Next table lists Certificate Program (1-2 year colleges) colleges in Alaska. There are 1 Certificate Program (1-2 year colleges) colleges in Alaska.
2013 Certificate Program (1-2 Year Colleges) Colleges In Alaska Tuition Comparison Summary Table
School NameLocationTuitionFeesBooks & Supplies Living Costs
In-StateOut-of-State On CampusOff Campus
AVTEC-Alaska's Institute of TechnologySeward, AlaskaTuition Information is not available

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