Top 10 Colleges Having Highest 4 Year Graduation Rates

The Graduation completion rate is the measure reflecting the amount of students who complete their graduation and receive a degree from an educational institution. Usually, when calculating the graduation rate, a time period is used ,for example within 100%, 150%, or 200% normal time. 150% normal time for 4-year BS degree is 6 years.

Here, we introduce top 10 colleges having the highest 4 year (within 100% normal time) graduation rates for 4-year BS degree grating schools. Next table shows the top 10 colleges with general information. All top 10 colleges are private schools and ranked in top national universities or top liberal arts schools.
Top 10 colleges having highest 4 year graduation rates
NameType & LevelLocationHighest Degree Campus HousingPopulationGraduation Rates (4 year)
Carleton College4 years, PrivateNorthfield, Minnesota BachelorYes 2,04890.9%
Williams College4 years, PrivateWilliamstown, Massachusetts MasterYes 2,25290.8%
Bowdoin College4 years, PrivateBrunswick, Maine BachelorYes 1,91090.7%
Columbia University in the City of New York4 years, PrivateNew York, New York DoctorateYes 27,25790.0%
College of the Holy Cross4 years, PrivateWorcester, Massachusetts BachelorYes 2,99189.9%
Haverford College4 years, PrivateHaverford, Pennsylvania BachelorYes 1,25389.5%
Davidson College4 years, PrivateDavidson, North Carolina BachelorYes 1,90189.4%
Georgetown University4 years, PrivateWashington, District of Columbia DoctorateYes 20,32089.4%
Lafayette College4 years, PrivateEaston, Pennsylvania BachelorYes 2,47489.2%
Yale University4 years, PrivateNew Haven, Connecticut DoctorateYes 12,89389.0%

Next table and chart compare tuition and other costs for the top 10 highest 4 year graduation rates colleges. Since all the schools are private institutes, they do not have in-state tuition rates.
Tuition and Expense Comparison Between Top 10 Colleges With the Highest 4-Year Graduation Rates
TuitionRequired FeesBook & SuppliesLiving Costs
Carleton College$ 44,184$ 261$ 751$ 13,079
Williams College$ 44,660$ 260$ 800$ 13,692
Bowdoin College$ 43,676$ 442$ 822$ 13,260
Columbia University in the City of New York$ 45,028$ 2,218$ 1,040$ 13,254
College of the Holy Cross$ 42,800$ 600$ 700$ 12,630
Haverford College$ 43,310$ 392$ 1,194$ 14,758
Davidson College$ 40,405$ 404$ 1,000$ 13,121
Georgetown University$ 42,360$ 510$ 1,200$ 15,830
Lafayette College$ 41,920$ 360$ 1,000$ 13,708
Yale University$ 42,300$ 0$ 3,300$ 13,720

2013 Top 10 Highest 4 Year Graduation Rates Comparison Chart

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