Nevada Best Colleges Tuition Charts For Year 2013

Nevada state has 1 schools ranked in top 500 ranking by Forbes Top Colleges. University of Nevada-Reno takes the first place in Nevada State (Overall Ranking - 387th) among 48 colleges located in Nevada state.

Next table shows general information of colleges located in Nevada state. There are 8 public and 40 private schools in Nevada State. 47 schools have undergraduate program (including Associate degree and Certificate Program) and 19 schools have graduate program. Average tuition cost for undergraduate school in Nevada is $ 5,498 for in-state and $ 6,859 for out-of-state. Average graduate tuition is $ 3,594 for in-state and $ 4,559 for out-of-state.
Table. Summary of Nevada Colleges
Number of Schools
School Type
Public Schools8
Private Schools40
School Level
4 Years or More 19
2-4 Years19
Less Than 2 Years10
School Degree
Certificate Program36
In-State (undergraduate)$ 5,498
Out-Of-State (undergraduate)$ 6,859
In-State (graduate)$ 3,594
Out-Of-State (graduate)$ 4,559
Student Population185,853

Nevada Best Colleges General Comparison

Next table summarize Nevada Best colleges with State and Overall Ranking. You can see the detail information including admission, graduation and enrolment statistics of the schools by following links on the school name.
Table. Summary of Nevada Best Colleges
NV RankOverall RankNameLocationTypePopulation
1387 University of Nevada-Reno Reno, Nevada 4 years, Public21,029

Nevada Best Colleges Tuition and Fees

You can analyze and compare tuition of Nevada best colleges with tuition table and charts. In Addition you can compare tuition and financial aids with more factors such as living costs and grants for the Nevada best colleges at Nevada best college tuition comparing page.
Nevada Best Colleges Tuition and Fees
University of Nevada-Reno$ 6,105$ 758$ 1,300$ 19,040$ 758$ 1,300

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