Arkansas State University Campuses Tuition and Living Costs

ASU Tuition and Living Cost Comparison
Arkansas State University, known as ASU, ASTATE or stAte, is a 2-4 years public school. ASU offers certificate program, associate degree and BS degree. ASU also has graduate school which offer MS, doctorate degree and post-BS and post-MS certificate.

ASU has 4 campuses throughout the Arkansas State. The population of the school is over 22,00 last year. It's second largest within the State.

Here, we compare and analyze tuition and living cost of the ASU. If you want all statistics including admission, enrollment and other 7 factors, check out the ASU statistics and comparison.

General Information
First, we show general characteristics of each campus.

NameType & LevelLocationHighest Degree Campus HousingPopulationCampus Setting
Beebe2-4 years, PublicBeebe, AR AssociateYes 6,973Fringe(Town)
Main Campus4 years, PublicJonesboro, AR DoctorateYes 17,591Small(City)
Mountain Home2-4 years, PublicMountain Home, AR AssociateNo 1,589Remote(Town)
Newport2-4 years, PublicNewport, AR AssociateNo 5,778Distant(Rural)

Tuition and Living Cost Comparison
As a public school, ASU has two types of tuition rates - in-state and out-of-state. $0 in any filed in tuition table means the schools does not have the corresponding data or not responded to the IPEDS.

Arkansas State University Campuses Tuition and Living Costs
TuitionRequired FeesBook & SuppliesLiving CostsTuitionRequired FeesBook & SuppliesLiving Costs
Beebe$ 1,992$ 216$ 1,242$ 8,635$ 3,432$ 216$ 1,242$ 8,635
Main Campus$ 5,304$ 1,630$ 1,000$ 10,679$ 10,608$ 1,630$ 1,000$ 10,679
Mountain Home$ 2,520$ 510$ 1,250$ 0$ 4,260$ 510$ 1,250$ 0
Newport$ 1,992$ 216$ 1,150$ 0$ 4,264$ 216$ 1,150$ 0

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