33 Online Only Colleges Tuition & Fees

Tuition Information for Online Only Schools
Online only colleges are getting widely attention recently. Not only the age of 20 just graduated high school, but also any people who already has college degrees and works in their fields wants to attend colleges to get a degree or certification. The online only colleges just fit for them.

Here, we list of 33 online only colleges with their tuition & fees. Average tuition for online online schools is $11,260 where maximum tuition is $19,812 for Argosy university Phoenix Online and minimum is $4,895 for Columbia Southern University. The list shows highest first. Due to the lack of data, 9 of those 33 schools are listed without tuition information.

Highest Graduate Schools Application Fees

Most colleges requires application fees for applicants for graduate school. Last year average application fees for graduate school was around $ 50

Here, we list top 25 graduate schools which requires expensive application fees for their applicants. Only 2 colleges require over $ 300 and another 2 colleges require over $ 200 as application fees. Application fees for most graduate schools ranges between $ 75 and $150.

Most Expensive Application Fee For Undergraduate Students

Most colleges requires application fees for applicants for both undergraduate and graduate school. Last year average application fees for undergraduate school was around $ 54 and, for 4 years colleges and universities, the average around $ 75.

Here, we list colleges which requires the highest application fees for undergraduate students. First, for all colleges including community colleges and training centers, top 25 colleges having most expensive application fees are listed in next table. Top 2 colleges, Sh'or Yoshuv Rabbinical College and Cosmopolitan Beauty & Tech School require more than $ 400.

Top 25 Colleges Having Highest Total Cost of Attendance for In-State Students Living on Campus

The Total cost for college attendance includes tuition, fees, books & supplies, room & board, and other living expenses for attending colleges. Here, we analyze top 25 colleges having highest total cost of attendance for In-State students living on campus last year. As expected, those colleges are all private schools. New York state have the most 6 schools and California is next, 4 schools.