Average Amount of Federal Student Loan By State

Students and their parents are motivated by the students loans since budget of grants or scholarships is not enough to cover all students who want financial help for their campus life. Among many sources of the loan, the federal student loan is preferred by most students because its reliability and low interest rates.

Here, we analyze and calculate average amount of federal student loan per student who gets the federal students loan by state.

Average Received Federal Student Loan Amounts by State
Last Year, 1,589,744 students were helped by federal students loan (90.6 % of total received numbers from any student loans.) The average amount of received federal student loan for all colleges in all states was $ 5,948. We exclude 5 States or Region - American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands,Northern Marianas and Palau  - because no student gets federal students loan in the states..

Table. Average Received Federal Student Loan Amounts by State
StateNumber ReceivedAverage Amount
Alabama19,772$ 6,134
Alaska1,633$ 5,220
Arizona44,380$ 7,038
Arkansas12,895$ 5,389
California148,896$ 6,351
Colorado27,964$ 7,037
Connecticut20,478$ 6,044
Delaware6,102$ 5,180
District of Columbia5,300$ 5,847
Florida94,895$ 6,605
Georgia43,806$ 6,323
Hawaii2,729$ 5,740
Idaho8,094$ 6,657
Illinois56,898$ 6,204
Indiana43,814$ 6,789
Iowa26,851$ 6,317
Kansas17,098$ 6,047
Kentucky21,958$ 6,214
Louisiana21,744$ 5,985
Maine8,200$ 5,467
Maryland24,025$ 5,922
Massachusetts47,306$ 5,820
Michigan53,244$ 6,231
Minnesota30,780$ 6,768
Mississippi13,711$ 4,799
Missouri32,775$ 6,440
Montana4,924$ 5,414
Nebraska9,430$ 5,929
Nevada9,725$ 7,010
New Hampshire9,930$ 6,530
New Jersey43,869$ 6,327
New Mexico9,424$ 5,434
New York108,023$ 5,731
North Carolina36,390$ 6,314
North Dakota5,529$ 5,976
Ohio81,166$ 6,283
Oklahoma19,571$ 5,850
Oregon18,816$ 6,303
Pennsylvania97,473$ 6,388
Rhode Island10,492$ 6,283
South Carolina22,762$ 6,367
South Dakota6,447$ 5,809
Tennessee30,348$ 6,157
Texas108,573$ 6,207
Utah10,395$ 6,711
Vermont4,972$ 5,928
Virginia33,631$ 6,444
Washington19,764$ 6,299
West Virginia11,734$ 5,702
Wisconsin33,990$ 6,588
Wyoming2,744$ 4,936
Guam182$ 2,367
Puerto Rico3,960$ 3,124
Virgin Islands132$ 4,309
Average29,440$ 5,948

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