Average Financial Aid Amounts for Colleges by State

Financial Aid such as scholarships, grants and student loans helps students and their parents to join colleges that they desire. Especially, as economy is down, the financial aid plays more important role for both college and students. Most colleges in US has own financial aid method and State or Government also have it. It may be not a good way but the student loan helps students to design their dream.

Here, we analyze and calculate average amount of financial aid by State. The average amount means estimated amount that a student gets from any kind of financial aid The financial aid includes scholarships form any source, federal, pell, local, or institutional grants, and students loans. Last year, the average amount of financial aid for all colleges (all states) was $ 8,793.

Average Financial Aid Amounts by State
Next chart shows average amount of financial aid by state. We exclude American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Marshall Islands,Northern Marianas and Palau because they no student gets financial aid.

Table. Average Financial Aid Amounts by State
StateAverage Amount
Alabama$ 8,956
Alaska$ 7,605
Arizona$ 10,673
Arkansas$ 7,815
California$ 8,967
Colorado$ 10,875
Connecticut$ 9,193
Delaware$ 8,323
District of Columbia$ 8,469
Florida$ 9,613
Georgia$ 10,118
Hawaii$ 7,037
Idaho$ 10,078
Illinois$ 8,716
Indiana$ 9,958
Iowa$ 9,595
Kansas$ 8,662
Kentucky$ 8,711
Louisiana$ 9,073
Maine$ 7,789
Maryland$ 8,561
Massachusetts$ 8,569
Michigan$ 9,067
Minnesota$ 9,590
Mississippi$ 8,087
Missouri$ 9,264
Montana$ 8,368
Nebraska$ 9,606
Nevada$ 11,234
New Hampshire$ 10,498
New Jersey$ 9,493
New Mexico$ 8,665
New York$ 8,210
North Carolina$ 8,807
North Dakota$ 9,918
Ohio$ 9,696
Oklahoma$ 8,176
Oregon$ 9,892
Pennsylvania$ 9,147
Rhode Island$ 8,905
South Carolina$ 9,012
South Dakota$ 9,406
Tennessee$ 9,053
Texas$ 8,810
Utah$ 9,818
Vermont$ 8,161
Virginia$ 9,154
Washington$ 9,463
West Virginia$ 8,425
Wisconsin$ 10,454
Wyoming$ 5,390
Guam$ 2,730
Puerto Rico$ 5,334
Virgin Islands$ 5,620
Average$ 8,793