How to Exclude Scholarship Scams From Your Future List

Since scholarship is a great chance to save money when joining colleges and universities, students and their parents are motivated to search the scholarship offers. In Fact, search engines give you lots of scholarship programs and scholarship information sites. The more the merrier?

 Unfortunately, bad things are hidden. Scholarship Scam. Instead saving money, it takes your time, money, and more. Here are some hints and check points to avoid the scholarship scams.

How to Verify It is Legitimate Scholarship Offer

1. Who is provider: Same as other area, you can reach the scholarship provider easily. Check contact number, address, e-mail address and web sites. Especially, check that provider's website is not designed and developed well or redirect to another sites.

2. Application fees: It is known as most scholarship programs do not require application fees or very small amount if required. So, if the program requires relatively high amount of application fees, you have to reconsider or investigate about the scholarship again. In most case, the scholarship provider is commercial. Here is an example. The provide gets $10 application fee for 5, 000 applicants and gives $1,000 to 5 winners. $45,000 is in the provider's hands. It may not a scam, but you play lottery instead.

3. Winner History: Third, see winners of the scholarship in the past. Especially  there were winners recent years. If you could no find the information, you need to contact to provider and check it. If no recent winners, it's not normal.

4. Guaranteed Scholarship: The word 'guaranteed scholarship' itself is ridiculous and nonsense. Nobody can guarantee that you win the scholarship.

5. Something required to you: If you are required except basic information such as age, contact and desired schools, run other way. For example, investment, loan, participating seminar, credit card information is not required to apply scholarship at all.

Best way to get best scholarship is to prove the scholarship in may way. It is a good way to start at government or state scholarship information sites. one example is US department of State. Remember, it's not a lottery game.