Statistics for 2014 Public Colleges - Tuition, Financial Aids, Total Expenses

It is investigated that 2,127 colleges, universities, or other higher educational institutional are public schools over 50 states in US. General analysis shows:

By school level
  • 2 year or less : 263 schools
  • 2 year but less than 4 year: 1,122 schools
  • 4 year or high :742 schools
By degree offer
  • Certificate Program: 1,911 schools
  • Associate Degree: 1,364 schools
  • Bachelor's Degree: 719 schools
  • Master's Degree: 591 schools
  • Doctorate Degree: 316 schools

In addition, we've analyzed average tuition, other expenses, and financial aids amount. Following table and chart show the overview of public college tuition and other expenses in 2014. You can see all public colleges and narrow down by your concerns at public college list page.

Public Colleges: 2014 Tuition Costs
TuitionFeesBook & SuppliesLiving CostsTuitionFeesBook & SuppliesLiving Costs
Undergraduate$ 4,321$ 942$ 1,303$ 11,011$ 10,088$ 1,078$ 1,303$ 11,011
Graduate$ 7,938$ 942$ 1,303$ 11,011$ 16,160$ 1,078$ 1,303$ 11,011

Public Colleges: Financial Aid Overview
Grant AidsOther Financial AidsStudent Loans

If you consider one of public school in your future, comparing tuition and financial aids between them might be a good way to make right decision.

You can see various statistics charts and tables of public colleges at public college statistics page.

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