UCLA Tuition Rates Over The Past 10 Years (2006-2015)

University of California-Los Angeles is a public(4-year) school located in Los Angeles, California.

This page describes the tuition trends over last 9 years at University of California-Los Angeles. You may want to explorer full information including admission, graduation, enrollment, and more about the school at University of California-Los Angeles Full Page.

In-state tuition & fees is risen by 135.02% from $5,406 (2006) to $12,705 (2015) and out-of-state tuition & fees grew by 47.71% last 9 years, from $24,090 (2006) to $35,583 (2015).
Living costs, including room & board and other expenses, is increased by 21.92% from $15,318 (2006) to $18,675 (2015) when students live on campus and 51.54% from $13,442 (2006) to $20,370 (2015) when living off campus without family.
Next chart shows the changes of each item of college costs over the past 9 years.

Total Costs Changes

Next table and chart illustrate the changes of total costs for University of California-Los Angeles over the past 10 years. The total cost includes the tuition, fees, books & supplies, and living costs. The total costs varies by student tuition rates (i.e. in-state or out-of-state) and living facility (i.e. staying on or off campus).

Tuition & Fees Changes

Next chart compares the tuition & fees changes for University of California-Los Angeles last 10 years.

Living Costs Changes

Next chart compares the living costs changes for University of California-Los Angeles last 10 years.
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