USC Tuition Rates Over Past 10 Years

University of Southern California is a private (not-for-profit)(4-year) school located in Los Angeles, California. This article describes the tuition trends over last 10 years at University of Southern California. You may want to explorer full information including admission, graduation, enrollment, and more about the school at University of Southern California Academic Information page.

First, we describe the estimated tuition & fees and the published 2015 tuition & fees at University of Southern California.
Tuition & fees grew by 50.84% last 10 years, from $32,008 (2005) to $48,280 (2015).Living costs, including room & board and other expenses, is increased by 26.13% from $11,824 (2005) to $14,914 (2015) when students live on campus and 43.56% from $11,824 (2005) to $16,974 (2015) when living off campus without family.
Next chart shows the changes of each item of college costs over the past 10 years.
More detail tuition trends can be seen at University of Southern California tuition trends page.

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