2013 US Top 10 Law School Ranking and Tuition Costs

The law school is one of the hottest and hardest choice for students. There are 203 ABA (American Bar Association) approved law schools in US.

Next tables shows top 10 law schools in year 2013. Note that tuition cost is based on 2013 database and acceptance ratio is based on 2012 database. It may differ from actual acceptance ratio of the law school because the ratio was calculated with all applicants for all departments of the school.

2013 US Top 10 Law Schools
RankSchool NameLocationTuitionAcceptance Ratio
1Yale UniversityNew Haven, CT$53,6007.9 %
2Harvard UniversityCambridge, MA$50,880 6.3 %
2Stanford UniversityStanford, CA$50,802 7.1 %
4Columbia UniversityNew York, NY$55,488 9.5 %
4University of ChicagoCambridge, MA$50,880 16.3 %
6New York University New York, NY$51,150 32.3 %
7University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA$53,138 12.4 %
7University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA$46,400(in-state)
33.3 %
9University of California
Berkeley, CA$48,068(in-state)
21.4 %
9University of Michigan
–​Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, MI$48,250(in-state)
40.6 %

You may want to see detail information such as admission and graduation of a school by following link on the name of the school in the table.