Top 20 Asia Colleges and Universities Ranked in World Ranking 200 for Year 2013-2014

This year, 2013-2104, 20 Asian Colleges and Universities are included in World Ranking Top 200 by Times Higher Education (THE).  THE opens to public ranking and scores of colleges which are ranked within top 200. The University of Tokyo takes the first place among Asia schools while Caltech (The California Institute of Technology) is ranked top around the world.

Top 20 Asia Colleges and University by Country
By country, Japan Colleges are included in the top 20 list mostly. 4 Republic of Korea (South Korea) schools and 3 Hong Kong schools are ranked on top 20. On the whole, 8 Countries have one or more top 20 colleges. (There are 49 countries in Asia)

Top 20 Asia Colleges By Country
CountryNumber of Schools
Republic of Korea4
Hong Kong3

Top 20 Asia College List 2013-2014
The University of Tokyo, ranked in 23rd poistion in world raking, is top-ranked in the Asia College Ranking. National University of Singapore, Singapore, takes the second place and The University of Hong Kong is in the 3rd place.
Top 20 Asia Colleges and University
Asia RankWorld RankCollege NameCountryScore
123The University of TokyoJapan76.4
226National University of SingaporeSingapore72.4
343The University of Hong KongHong Kong65.3
444Seoul National UniversityRepublic of Korea65.2
545Peking UniversityChina65
650Tsinghua UniversityChina63.5
752Kyoto UniversityJapan63.2
856Korea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyRepublic of Korea62.9
957Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyHong Kong62.5
1060Pohang University of Science and TechnologyRepublic of Korea61.7
1176Nanyang Technological UniversitySingapore57.2
12109Chinese University of Hong KongHong Kong52
13125Tokyo Institute of TechnologyJapan50.8
14142National Taiwan UniversityTaiwan49.2
15144Osaka UniversityJapan49
16150Tohoku UniversityJapan48.5
17190Yonsei UniversityRepublic of Korea45.1
18191Hebrew University of JerusalemIsrael45
19199Tel Aviv UniversityIsrael44.3
20199Bo?azici UniversityTurkey44.3