2024 Best Law Schools LSAT, GPA, and Tuition Comparison

Here, we introduce and compare the best law schools with Law School Admission Test (LSAT) , GPA, admission, and tuition & fees. We only consider law schools that are accredited by American Bar Association (ABA) and exclude law schools accredited by the state government/council.
Yale Law School ranked first and Harvard Law School ranked second in law school rankings.
Below statements summarize the average statistics including LSAT score, GPA, acceptance rate, and law school tuition for the best law schools. The law schools tuition is for the academic year 2023-2024 and other statistics such as LSAT and acceptance rate is for the academic year 2022-2023.
You can compare all law schools in single table on the law school comparison page.
Admission StatisticsTuition & fees
Table. Best Law Schools Admission Comparison
RankSchool NameLocationLSAT ScoresGPAAcceptance RatePopulationPopulation (First-year Students)
1Yale Law School New Haven, CT1743.94 4.12%734150
2Harvard Law School Cambridge, MA1743.92 6.90%1,907370
3Columbia Law School New York, NY1743.84 11.42%1,520433
4Stanford Law School Stanford, CA1723.91 6.28%613161
5University of Chicago Law School Chicago, IL1723.91 11.91%669175
6New York University School of Law New York, NY1723.86 14.52%2,430458
7University of Virginia School of Law Charlottesville, VA1713.91 9.66%936286
8University of Pennsylvania Law School Philadelphia, PA1713.90 9.39%1,023283
9University of Michigan Law School Ann Arbor, MI1713.84 10.65%1,012272
10Northwestern Pritzker School of Law Chicago, IL1713.86 13.91%1,181234
11Georgetown University Law Center Washington, DC1713.85 12.88%2,712517
12Cornell Law School Ithaca, NY1713.86 15.41%737190
13Washington University School of Law St. Louis, MO1703.93 15.88%1,511259
14Duke University School of Law Durham, NC1703.82 14.45%848282
15Los Angeles School of Law Los Angeles, CA1703.82 15.43%1,184347
16Vanderbilt University Law School Nashville, TN1693.89 14.25%552149
17Berkeley School of Law Berkeley, CA1693.83 13.66%1,235343
18University of Texas School of Law Austin, TX1693.80 15.24%1,015399
19Boston University School of Law Boston, MA1693.77 18.33%1,061309
20Gould School of Law Los Angeles, CA1683.82 12.96%1,414203
21Notre Dame Law School Notre Dame, IL1683.77 17.51%573178
22Levin College of Law Gainesville, FL1673.86 17.43%805228
23The George Washington University Law School Washington, DC1673.83 21.57%1,898481
24J. Reuben Clark Law School Provo, UT1673.85 39.92%393133
25Emory University School of Law Atlanta, GA1673.80 27.31%899304
Average 1584 40707 206
Table. 2024 Best Law Schools Tuition Comparison
RankSchool NameIn-State Tuition & FeesOut-of-State Tuition & Fees
Law SchoolUndergraduateGraduateLaw SchoolUnder-graduateGraduate
1Yale Law School$62,250$46,900$71,425
2Harvard Law School$57,261$53,760$71,734
3Columbia Law School$66,139$54,627$78,278
4Stanford Law School$58,416$57,210$68,997
5University of Chicago Law School$64,260$66,492$73,185
6New York University School of Law$58,168$39,592$76,290
7University of Virginia School of Law$20,342$55,914 $21,742$34,832$68,500$71,500
8University of Pennsylvania Law School$63,452$44,162$73,008
9University of Michigan Law School$16,736$55,334 $26,226$52,456$66,808$69,808
10Northwestern Pritzker School of Law$63,468$53,024$72,212
11Georgetown University Law Center$62,052$57,049$71,996
12Cornell Law School$63,200$30,019$74,184
13Washington University School of Law$60,590$60,590$65,204
14Duke University School of Law$62,688$61,522$72,632
15Los Angeles School of Law$13,401$43,473 $13,322$28,424$53,920$64,426
16Vanderbilt University Law School$60,348$53,722$67,396
17Berkeley School of Law$14,395$44,467 $14,476$29,578$59,237$67,781
18University of Texas School of Law$11,698$41,070 $12,036$22,952$36,429$54,096
19Boston University School of Law$62,360$61,924$62,534
20Gould School of Law$64,726$64,666$74,173
21Notre Dame Law School$60,301$60,116$65,936
22Levin College of Law$6,381$28,659 $12,737$30,130$21,804$38,040
23The George Washington University Law School$62,200$33,984$67,380
24J. Reuben Clark Law School$6,304$7,932$14,636
25Emory University School of Law$57,948$46,700$64,504
Average$40,718$55,402 $37,215$46,095 $43,027$48,679